Version 2.0, Spritesy out of beta

Hello! It's finally here!

Spritesy has been updated to version 2.0, bringing with it a wealth of new features and changes. So, what's new?

Ch-ch-changes (to the UI)

The biggest feature of this update is the slick new UI, which is easier to use and less cluttered than the previous design. It also has a few QOL tweaks, like button-depression animations and tooltip text when you hover over a button.

Lights out (how did we get so dark?)

Alongside the new UI, there's now a white light theme as well as a new, darker night theme. Additionally Spritesy will use the dark theme by default. 

Help (I need somebody) / About (you now)

Spritesy now has a help section to explain the function of its buttons/tools, and an about section which also contains a changelog. These can be accessed with the small buttons in the bottom right.

We're out of beta (we're releasing on time... not)

Spritesy 2 brings the app out of beta! Future releases will continue to bring major new features, so look forward to those.


It also has a cat.

That's all for Spritesy 2! I hope you enjoy using it. And sorry it took so long!

Stuff happens.

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