Version 1.1 (and a huge thank you!)

Hello! I've released version 1.1 of Spritesy. This new update features:

Local Save

You can now save the output to be stored as a quick backup - so if you make a mistake or clear the output by accident, you can just load that save! Note: these saves are temporary and will be lost when closing the tab/application itself.

Dark Mode

I've added a dark mode to Spritesy now, as well - you can switch between the original vibrant theme and the new dark theme simply by pressing the Theme button.

Other minor improvements

I've updated the gamepage to use the in-app font, Raleway, and also made some minor changes to the UI within the Spritesy app itself.

A big thank you!

Thank you all for supporting Spritesy up to this point! I'll continue to update it with new additions.  I hope you enjoy using it!

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