Update - Fireworks Night is OUT NOW!

Have you ever been lying in bed at night and thought to yourself - gee, I wish Family Dinner: Fireworks Night was out now?


Good. That'd be a little weird. But if you were thinking that, your wish has finally been granted. Because Family Dinner: Fireworks Night is out now! Fireworks Night is an all new story featuring new faces, new secrets, and two branching endings. It's available to play from the brand new story select menu. Speaking of which, here's some of the other new stuff in the update:

- Refreshed UI
- New title, story select and settings menus
- Subtitle and bug fixes
- Updated dialogue for the original story
- More random polish!

It's like a whole new game, and that's because it is! The update doubles the content, and Fireworks Night itself is essentially a sequel (but epilogue sounds cooler). It's been a huge undertaking, and is the definitive version of the game.


It's been nearly a year since Family Dinner entered the earliest stages of development, making it the longest project I've worked on in terms of dev time. Closing the book on it is strange, and I'm no good at goodbyes. I'd like to truly thank everyone who supported the game - whether you played the game, shared it, or gave development advice (listened to my rambling). It means the world.

Enjoy the new update. <3

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aaaaa heck yes!!! I'm so excited to play this, thank you so much!! ❤️